#2 ドワイト・ラモス選手 契約会見実施のご報告



ドワイト・ラモス選手 コメント

"Thank you for coming to my press conference this early morning.
I also appreciate that I am able to have it at this beautiful place.

We have less than 2 weeks until the season opener, and I feel that both the team and I have been doing well.
I have been still in a process of knowing all my teammates but look forward to this upcoming season, and I will play as hard as I can."

■What is the biggest reason to sign with this team?
"The biggest reason is that the GM and HC trust me and told me that they needed me on the team.

In addition, I came to Sapporo to play this team a few times last season and had a great impression of the city, and I thought that I wanted to play here, which was one of the reasons that I signed with the team.
I have never seen snow in Sapporo, but I am ready for the snow season with my experience in Toyama and with conversations with many people.
Sapporo is a very convenient city to go shopping and a city where summer is cool, which I believe that I can fit myself into."





■What are your strengths?
"Firstly, I will try to play defense hard. For offense, I will try not only to score but to play to help my teammates opened, which I would like the fans to watch.
I have just joined the team, but I think that this team has great players so am very excited to play with them here."


■Were you satisfied with personal results in TOHOKU CUP?
"That was my first games after joining the team, and I felt that I honestly enjoyed playing games with this team.
In addition, as we played a game, another one, and so on, I spent 3 days to feel that the team was coming together and getting to deeply understand each other.
I was thinking that our jersey and pants in Levanga Green were cool, so I was also happy to wear those jersey and pants for the games."

■TOHOKU CUPでの手応えはありましたか?

■What impressions of Japanese basketball do you have?
"I feel that Japanese basketball is popular and that its level is getting better.
There are a lot of players that shoot very well, and they play both offense and defense hard. They play hard in games no matter what.
The level of foreign players in this league is high, and I believe that this league is one that is being developed."


■What helped you better as playing in Japan last season?
"In my first year here, I had to get used myself to many things in both offense and defense.
Based on that, I was able to have great experiences for my conditioning to learn how to play 60 games in a long season.
I believe that I have been definitely better this year than last year.
I would like to improve myself as I play and learn this season and will try to make better plays than what I did last year.
I will do my best, help the team advance to CS, and help the team advance further than that."


(A question from a Filipino media)
■How do you want to bring your experience with the National Team into this season?

"My experience with the National Team was great.
Even during the off-season, I was able to learn from its games.
I believe that this experience will definitely help me better this regular season."



清永貴彦ゼネラルマネージャー コメント

"We are greatly happy to have Dwight Ramos on this team, the Levanga Hokkaido. He has a great physical ability, and we believe that he will contribute to the team both in offense and defense.
We believe that he will play defense hard with his body strength and is talented in offense, especially scoring, so he is able to play some different positions and to score in some different patterns. In addition, he will be able to play transitions with his great physical ability, and he has a far sight on the court, a great ability to pass the ball, and a great judgment ability on the court.
We believe that having him on this team will help the team make a step to get to a higher level.

In addition, I personally heard from many people that his personality off the court was also wonderful, and I am telling so as well. This team considers that players who perform well on the court and also behave sincerely off the court are very important, and it was an honor for us to have him on the team.

We hope that our 2022-23 season will be a wonderful one by bringing Ramos into the team and that he will play well for us."

■What is your expectation of Ramos outside Basketball?
"He is a player that represents Philippines, and having him on the Levanga Hokkaido is huge for us.
He is also a face of Filipino basketball and is like an ambassador that will become a chance for Filipino people to know about the Levanga Hokkaido and B.LEGAUE."

(A question from a Filipino media)
■As you already saw him in the B.LEAGUE last season, what did you like best about Ramos to have him on the team?

"I saw him play not only in the B.LEAGUE last year but also in Asian qualifiers in 2020 against South Korea and Indonesia, and I felt that he was able to play hard.
No matter which team he was playing for, which uniform he was wearing, or what game situations he was playing in, I still remember that he just kept playing hard.
He also calms down and make rhythms for his team while playing, and he has a high basketball IQ.
He is able to get rebounds and play switch defense with his great physical ability as well.
In offense, he is able to push the ball, play a transition, get into the restricted area, and then make a play inside, so he is able to make a play by himself and also help his teammates play well.
He also has a scoring ability to score in some different patterns, which is his huge strength."